Tip of the Season

Pest of Spring: Carpenter Ant
It’s that time of year the trees are turning green. The sun is beginning to shine. At this time, you may be finding visitors that you didn’t count on invading the kitchen counter, enjoying the dishwasher before and after the dishes are clean. You’ve got Carpenter Ants! These voracious creatures are hatching and hungry. At this time of the year, these ants make themselves apparent. Don’t be fooled. You may only see them for a couple of weeks and then they are gone – right? Wrong!
From mid March to mid April as the sun shines on walls, Carpenter Ant galleries become very active coming into and foraging for any food available. Under normal circumstances, this will only last for about four weeks or until their normal food is available. By this, I mean that Aphids are becoming apparent chewing leaves, laying eggs and now providing Honey dew for – you guessed it – Carpenter Ants.

What do you do? Inspect! Inspect! Inspect!
Carpenter Ants are wood destroying insects. They live in the heavy structures of the home. They typically are found where wood has been moistened at one time or another. Check where gutters or windows may leak. They may also be found were condensation may occur. Your local professional has tools and experience that can help find these creatures. By knowing the life habits and biology, we can track down colonies that may be inside and find those things which will contribute to colony growth and expansion around your property.
Pest of Fall: Mice
Fall is in the air the trees are losing their leave it’s a wonderful time of the year.
Children are playing in leaf pile, apples and apple cider are being found all around.
Families are gathering around the wood stoves and turning inside to weather the cold.
This is also time for mice and other rodents to find new residence. Commonly this may be the same warm environment we have created for our loved ones.
Control Tips:
1) Remove all built up leaves from around the foundation to eliminate harborage
2) Calk any cracks in the foundation to eliminate entrance
3) Repair and replace any broken door sweeps on the house and garage
4) Trim any foliage that may be touching the house to eliminate access to siding